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Permanent Staffing

It is essential for your company, the need of right person for permanent recruitment. This is an intensive and time-consuming job which requires great skill and experience. We have recruitment consultants who are professionals at their job. They are both skilled and experienced, who can help you reach your staffing goals. We use our asset, the knowledge gained through true experience and with innovative recruitment and selection tools to provide you with the best permanent staffing solutions. .

Contract Staffing

Growth of a company in it's essence is the hard work of the employees. In the modern day, a variety of solutions are suggested to cope up with growing needs of the company. External resources to assist/partner with existing staffs of your company will prove great leap in productivity. And we have exactly the kind of recruiters who are capable contracting the best professionals required for the job.


Payroll outsourcing has been highly productive for the companies which involve employing an outside agency to do the routine work of managing salary like Monthly salary processing, PF, ESI, Labour return filing, Provisional Tax filing, WPS (Wage Protection System). Benefits of payroll include saving your valuable time, money, resources and work. And our best practice tools will help to ensure accuracy and time. .


This is a service through which the employees can outsource all or part of their recruitment activities to us. We provide vest RPO services which are expected to be more efficient, accountable and flexible to cater to the real-time business needs. By using special strategy, we put expertise effort in results driven RPO models and solutions.


We offer excellent return on leadership to our client organizations. Our experienced consultants, with their professional skills, are capable of screening out the best ' fit-for the job ' through executive search assignments. The expertise consulting together with advanced search processes and tools enable us to offer our clients the best return on leadership talent.


REIMS INFO TECH provides you the best quality and skilled manpower for your works. Highly cooperative people are kept at your disposal for a positive output of the growth of your company.


Don't have a job? Worried about your future? Fear not ..consult us.... We provide excellent staffs who are knowledgeable about different sections of the social and economical circles and search for you the best suited job.


Today the world economy is a field for Branding-games. People entrust themselves to brands. So, for a growing company..your company it is a basic essential element to brand it. Branding increase your popularity and also thereby convey a profitable growth.


Billing solutions involves flexible handling of streamline billing for complex products and services. It helps in easy and risk free currency management. Our trusted staffs provide you the best quality billing solutions in the neighbourhood


A young entrepreneur's dream is the road to a successful business venture. We water your that it may sprout and become a big tree that provides. If you have ever dreamt such...we are here at your services . help you think about it and finally making it a wonderful reality.


For any company to grow, it requires well trained and professional employees. We provide recruitment services for our clients, which is not just based on ordinary methodologies but with special ways that WE created ourselves. We promise you that the quality and expertise of the new recruitments will be undoubtedly thr best.


This is a business process where an employer tranfers a part or all to an external service provider, us. We are have best technical staffs to manage your company's recruitment and outsourcing in the most convincing manner. Our past clients are always great full for approaching us.